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Things To Do After Your Amazon Account Suspension

Getting suspended from amazon can be devastating it will not only affect your business but will cause trauma to you and your family. It will cost all your reputation and goodwill in the market and if the word spreads then it can do serious damage to your business. It will ruin your livelihood and can have a huge impact on your life. Your employees will be highly affected too as they would be worried about their job security. So you should take necessary measures to ensure that your account is never suspended. But in case there is a suspension despite all your preventive measures you need to be brave and prepare for the next steps.

The first step that you need to take after you get your amazon seller account suspended is to assess the situation properly to understand the reasons for the suspension. You need to read the notice properly line by line so that you do not miss out any details. You should also check if you have access to support because then you can open a ticket and get more details on the suspension. This way you will figure out all the rules that you broke so that you can take necessary actions.

You can check the seller central performance and metrics so that you can find out the reasons for your amazon account suspension. A proper evaluation of the customer service will also tell you about the issues faced by the customers. The suspension can also be the result of any item sold by you that violates the terms of amazon. After you know all the rules that you have broken and the reasons behind the non-compliance of rules it is time to form a plan for the road ahead.

Once you know that why you are being suspended you need to decide how not to make the same mistakes in the future. It will be an essential element of your amazon appeals letter. So you have to be clear about your future plans while you are writing the appeals letter so that you can make the amazon team understand how you will avoid these issues in the future. While writing the appeal, you should stay professional and be specific about the changes that you are bringing in the business, to prevent all these issues.

If you are ready to file the letter, you do not need to panic the amazon appeals process is really simple. All you have to do is go to the Seller Central and select the performance option. You will come to the performance notifications option that will ultimately take you to the suspension notices. Just click on the appeal button once you find the notice that you are appealing. After you have submitted your appeal letter wait for the team, to take a decision. They will contact you through an email and inform you of their decision. Though you can file multiple appeals, the first one is the most crucial. So it is always advised to take your time and plan properly for the first appeal.