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Getting The Amazon Seller Account Suspended Condition Repealed

The Amazon online store can offer you a great deal if you are a seller and want to sell your products without too much upfront payment. You can save a lot of money on rents for a shop and the overheads that go with maintaining it. The only thing you require is an inventory of the items you want to sell and a selling plan for the number of units you sell during a certain period. The next step is to get yourself registered with the company as an individual seller or a professional seller. Once you get registered your worldwide visibility occurs and you can get customers even from far off lands.

Do not remain content with the registration procedure as you have a lot of work to do after that. As soon as you get registered you get bound by the selling policies laid down by the company. You have to abide by rules of the Participation Agreement regarding the type of products that you can sell and the procedure you follow for selling it.  If you are not careful enough then one fine morning you may find that you are facing a situation of Amazon seller account suspended. The main reasons for any suspension are poor performance, or a violation of the Selling Policies or a violation of Restricted Products. 

You may go off half-cocked and try to put the blame for the suspension on anything but yourself, but it will lead you nowhere. You have to sit down with a cool head and try to find out the reason for the suspension. You can write to Amazon whatever you want to, but the suspension of your seller account may take place only if you tell Amazon what it wants to hear from you. Browse through the e-mails sent by Amazon to you telling the reasons for the suspension. You need this information to build your case with the help of the Amazon appeals letter

Whether you like it or not, the Amazon account suspension will be lifted by the company only when they are convinced that mistake made by you was not intentional. Tell them that you are sorry and have realized that the customers belong to Amazon. Tell them that you did not understand what you were supposed to do. Give them a bulleted and measurable plan of how you would fix the problem. Try to convince them you are going to be a good partner from now on and take proper care of the customers. In short you letter of appeal should sound genuine if you seriously want the ban to go.

You cannot create a new account if your previous account with Amazon gets suspended. The letter for appealing for lifting the suspension has to reach the company through the Amazon appeals process. You have to submit your appeals letter through the SellerCentral by invoking the “Performance Notifications” option. The e-mails sent by Amazon will give the information you need to build a genuine appeals letter.In case you are not up to it, get a friend to draft the letter for you or hire a professional firm to do it for you. The money you will be spending on the firm will be worth all the trouble.

Appealing To Get An Amazon Seller Account Suspended Revised

Amazon is the biggest online store through which you can sell any product as long as the product is not declared to be harmful or undesirable in any other sense. It is very easy to start selling through Amazon by following a few easy steps. The first thing you have to do is decide what you want to sell. Next you have to decide on a selling plan. Once you have decided on these two things you can register your account with Amazon. You can register as an individual seller or as a professional seller where professional sellers are given more options.

Being a seller and having a seller’s account with Amazon is a great thing. You can make money while sitting at home. Everything looks rosy until suddenly you find that you are not allowed to sell anymore with your seller account with Amazon.  You may feel let down suddenly by Amazon, because you are not able to sell, your inventory does not move, and your money is stuck with Amazon. This situation of having your amazon seller account suspended has been faced by many people including five-star sellers even. When you face a situation, you have no option but to find out what has happened.  

A seller’s account gets suspended when some violation of the selling policy occurs. When you register your seller account with Amazon, you are supposed to adhere to the selling policies laid down by the company. It may happen that you have violated some part of the Participation Agreement without being aware of it. You can send off a large number of e-mails asking why your seller account has been suspended or requesting the people at Amazon to restore you selling privileges. Nothing worthwhile will happen until and unless you file a proper amazon appeals letter for consideration.

Losing your cool due to the amazon account suspension is not going to help at all. You have to be practical about it as Amazon always its sellers to enjoy selling their products through the online store. There has to be a definite reason for the suspension of your account, and you have to find out what it is. The foremost thing that you have to do is to concentrate on the contents of the e-mails that had been sent to you by Amazon citing the reasons for your account suspension. You have to build your case for appeal depending on the reasons that have been mentioned in the letter and what you are going to do about it.

The appeal letter is your last option for getting the suspension lifted through the amazon appeals process. You have to file the letter through the “Performance notification” page. The biggest problem with an account suspension is that you cannot open another account if your original account gets suspended. So, the appeal letter has to be well phrased and to the point to make it effective. If you think you cannot come with a solid appeal letter, then ask your friend or take the help of professional companies to file the letter for you.