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Improve Customer Satisfaction On E-Commerce Website With Magento Quick Shopping

E-commerce stores are always on a lookout for solutions to improve user experience. If you have your store on Magento, you can use different extensions that aim at improving the shopping experience of users. With Magento Quick Shopping, your customers can enjoy a seamless navigation through different product pages and links.This extension helps in improving sales of your ecommerce website by providing a quick view. Different popup windows can reduce the bounce rate, by providing detailed information regarding products.

An innovative extension

Structure of internal links is improved by the extension, and it boosts the page rank. Configuring this extension is easy and with the aid of customized setting you can improve the experience of customers. You can experience an improvement in the performance and utility of your e-commerce website. Best part is that core files of Magento will not be affected by this extension. Guidelines for this open source software are followed ardently for developing this extension. Another innovative extension to improve customer satisfaction is magento price formula. This software helps customers to identify the desired product fast without going through different categories.

Aid in navigation

This extension boosts the overall experience of a customer. Placing an order is fast with this software. The Magento Quick Order Form is yet another extension that aims at improving customer satisfaction. This extension helps customers to find the products just by typing the sku or product name and without navigating through the main page. Thus, adding a product to the cart is easy now in an intuitive way, with different Magento extensions.

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