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Customize The Product Edit Page With Magento Product Options

Magento is an e-commerce open source platform that helps retailers to manage the e-commerce site effectively. This platform helps in email management, shipping conversion, conversion optimizer, automation tool and different other features. This is a versatile platform and is the key to the success of ecommerce sites. You can opt for a wide number of features that help retailers in customization different options. There are options that will suit the need of retailers. You can opt for extensions that help in meeting the functional need of an ecommerce website.

Easy control of inventory

For your website, you can install Magento extensions. Depending on, need, you can opt for advanced extensions that aim at a particular functionality of your website. With advanced Magento Product Options, you can customize different functions of the e-commerce website. With this option, you can add customized option in the product page of your website. This option is also applicable to your pages that display images of the product. Controlling inventory is easy with this option. With this option, you can create input boxes so that you can upload different files in a short span.

A click away

In case, you have products under the same category then Magento Custom Options will be helpful for you. You can explore a wide range of services with these options. If there are products under same category, you can create one single template and upload images accordingly. To make the life of retailers and developers create easy different extensions. You can install the latest version of extensions available, just with a single click.

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