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Runbo H1 is the KING among those weak rugged phones!

As the rugged phone that mainly designed for fire rescue, emergency relief, field search and rescue, public safety, security defense, ports, mining industry and other special areas, Runbo H1 can actually help the employee in those industries get good working performance. Today, the famous rugged phone online seller will tell people main strong points about this phone. First, the Runbo H1 both integrates the function of walkie-talkie and smart phones so that it could help to reduce the burden on outdoor job. That is to say the workers do not need to take both the walkie-talkie and the cell phone. Secondly, the Runbo H1 own the military grade IP67 waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, impact resistance and high temperature resistance performance. That is to say this phone can easily cope with outdoor bad situation such as rain, dust, sand and other harsh things. Thirdly, Runbo H1 is quipped with high-speed 4G network and the 800 million pixel camera can capture high-definition images at home and outdoor. By the optional software platform, this phone also support background dispatching which could guarantee stable and clear voice transportation within 800ms. As this phone is mainly face with people who usually have outdoor activities, the Runbo H1 is also equipped with large capacity 6000mAh replaceable battery and it should be the biggest constraints to solve the current mobile device problem which is the battery storage. If users usually have the long time outdoor work, they should be no longer to worry about the phone suddenly no electricity and shut down. If you want to know more information about the famous Runbo rugged phones or related phone in other brands, please do not hesitate to visit website


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