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Introducing Three Major Natural resin OCA Optical Clear Adhesive

Natural resin OCA Optical Clear Adhesive adopts the secretions resin from Pinaceae species amdAbietoideae conifer species. By the introduction of the famous lcd screen separator online seller, the Natural resin optical adhesive mainly include the Canada balsam OCA, fir resin OCA, neutral balsam gum OCA and others. Now, the following information will tell people some detailed information about above three major OCA Optical Clear Adhesives. Canada balsam Canada balsam OCA is to use the Canada balsam fir resin from Canada or the United States. Its solid situation is the non-crystalline material which has good adhesive properties and the suitable refractive index. This material has been usually used as optical components¡¯ cemented material. Fir resin OCA Balsam fir is Dongling pubescent resin which has been adopted by the Nanjing Chemical Industry Institute and the Forest Research Institute of Sichuan Foretry. Its main ingredient is familiar with the Canada balsam OCA. This kind of oca lamination machine has good adhesive properties and it could be divided into common type, modified type which has been added into plasticizer and liquid-type. Neutral OCA Neutral OCA commonly adopts the dammar resin and sandarac gum and then together with the 60% xylene solution. After drying, this kind of material will be condensed into the colorless transparent layer which does not have the disadvantages such as shrinkage, yellowing, crazing and others. However, due to the long drying time, low adhesive strength and toxicity, this kind of OCA has been rarely used. Last, if people want to know more information about the related OCA Optical Clear Adhesive, please do not hesitate to visit website About Electron-parts Electron-parts belonged to Hong Kong CHUANG CHENG DA Limited Established in 2010, ShenZhen fastest-developing places in China, We specialized in poviding wide range of high quality Cell Phone/Camera/Laptop, LCD, Touch Screen, flex cable, Motherboard IC, Housing, Keypad, Chargers, Data line, Earphones, Battery, Repair Tool and other related items.